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Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible.

Monday, 22 December 2008

me n my staff at Mersing Forest Office, Johore
(left-right: Zainal AB, Razak Othman,Tumin,Renjer Hutan Juraimi, CC Jalil,Zainor,Awang,Kak (aya forget her name la), and very cheerable Kak Jemah)

Etlingera terengganuensis (syn: Etlingera corneri) as `they' all conform n acknowledge during the XPDC of Mandi Angin, Terengganu. The flora is scattered around the Jeram Keling n around the area of Mandi Angin.(Refer:G. Mandi Angin Expidition, Forest Biodiversity Series no. 7-the book is available n on sale in the Forest Headquarters of Peninsular Malaysia, Jalan Sultan Salahudin, Kuala Lumpur)..if u want to see my collection can contact me this email

This photo snap by cikgu nasir during Mandi Angin XPDC...

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