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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

One of the begonia spp that i took during forest practices in Gombak Forest Reserve...wish i knew the name...

See even the girls are dont mind to sleep anywhere ...even on the undulating soil..that show how tired they are

The highlight of this short-course activities is `rafting' using bamboo as raw material. The whole work to make the `complete-rakit' is almost 1 day..n such activity will release all the tensions and tiredness that had been `suffered' all day long..

Principal of Kepong Forestry School, Sulaiman Salleh (deceased) showing the Cycas spp that we will transplanting at that time.....He is one of the best senior-officer in forstry dept. that i had experinced to work with....Al-fatihah to my late-Pengetua Sulaiman b Salleh..Amin (The man standing beside Principal is normally i called as cikgu nuar...please dont get confused him with the only Rhoma Irama)

Handling students of Kepong Forestry School during short-course in Lata Lembik. In here i give talk on `transplanting' proccess esp. on ex-situ prgramme. Livistona endauensis a species from family of Palmae had been transplanted onto Forestry Training Unit, Kepong because the species had been recognised as `nearly threatened' by IUCN RedList of Threatened Species. The species only can be found in Malaysia but confined to Endau-Rompin and coastal hills of southern Terengganu. The species was brought down from Bt. Bauk, Dungun during 2005 1-week outing with Renger's Trainee....i still remember the moment because it was done during fasting month liao..n some of the student `break-fasting' oledy haa...bantai fried-chicken on the back of the lorry liao...