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Thursday, 29 January 2009

barringtonia spp..the blooming moment of this kind of species was very striking esp when u walk in the jungle..

The Old n Sweet Memory of Kiwians

the old n sweet memory of KiWians dorm in Tunku Hj. Bujang College, Miri (1987-1988)...this picture was post by fabian bigar via herry nang in the ..thanks guy...

Dipterocarpus hasseltii...this picture was taken by cgu nasir (SPK) during Outing Field Practice of Kepong Forestry School 2005..Lesong FR....u can see the unique od the fruits that God create n wonder how the cells inside the seeds develope n evolve..miracle..the thin-curling lips that was i used to call on this species..

This is the bole-look for Merawan meranti (Hopea sulcata Sym.)...the feature in the tree that i like to see is the way of cracking-form create a beautiful view of a species itself....dont u think so liaoo....most of my collection had a snap on the cracking-form first and then i went to another features such as leaves, fruits, seeds, flower and so on...this picture was taken in Gombak FR....

Renjer Suhairi n Cgu Azizun give some talks on how to handle the `rakit'.....this is 2005 Latihan Ikhtiar Hidup in Lata Lembik, Pahang

The king of ulam in Malaysia..parkia speciosa