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Thursday, 29 January 2009

barringtonia spp..the blooming moment of this kind of species was very striking esp when u walk in the jungle..

The Old n Sweet Memory of Kiwians

the old n sweet memory of KiWians dorm in Tunku Hj. Bujang College, Miri (1987-1988)...this picture was post by fabian bigar via herry nang in the ..thanks guy...

Dipterocarpus hasseltii...this picture was taken by cgu nasir (SPK) during Outing Field Practice of Kepong Forestry School 2005..Lesong FR....u can see the unique od the fruits that God create n wonder how the cells inside the seeds develope n evolve..miracle..the thin-curling lips that was i used to call on this species..

This is the bole-look for Merawan meranti (Hopea sulcata Sym.)...the feature in the tree that i like to see is the way of cracking-form create a beautiful view of a species itself....dont u think so liaoo....most of my collection had a snap on the cracking-form first and then i went to another features such as leaves, fruits, seeds, flower and so on...this picture was taken in Gombak FR....

Renjer Suhairi n Cgu Azizun give some talks on how to handle the `rakit'.....this is 2005 Latihan Ikhtiar Hidup in Lata Lembik, Pahang

The king of ulam in Malaysia..parkia speciosa

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

One of the begonia spp that i took during forest practices in Gombak Forest Reserve...wish i knew the name...

See even the girls are dont mind to sleep anywhere ...even on the undulating soil..that show how tired they are

The highlight of this short-course activities is `rafting' using bamboo as raw material. The whole work to make the `complete-rakit' is almost 1 day..n such activity will release all the tensions and tiredness that had been `suffered' all day long..

Principal of Kepong Forestry School, Sulaiman Salleh (deceased) showing the Cycas spp that we will transplanting at that time.....He is one of the best senior-officer in forstry dept. that i had experinced to work with....Al-fatihah to my late-Pengetua Sulaiman b Salleh..Amin (The man standing beside Principal is normally i called as cikgu nuar...please dont get confused him with the only Rhoma Irama)

Handling students of Kepong Forestry School during short-course in Lata Lembik. In here i give talk on `transplanting' proccess esp. on ex-situ prgramme. Livistona endauensis a species from family of Palmae had been transplanted onto Forestry Training Unit, Kepong because the species had been recognised as `nearly threatened' by IUCN RedList of Threatened Species. The species only can be found in Malaysia but confined to Endau-Rompin and coastal hills of southern Terengganu. The species was brought down from Bt. Bauk, Dungun during 2005 1-week outing with Renger's Trainee....i still remember the moment because it was done during fasting month liao..n some of the student `break-fasting' oledy haa...bantai fried-chicken on the back of the lorry liao...

Friday, 23 January 2009

Monday, 22 December 2008

The search of Shore inapendiculata in Mersing

me n my staff at Mersing Forest Office, Johore
(left-right: Zainal AB, Razak Othman,Tumin,Renjer Hutan Juraimi, CC Jalil,Zainor,Awang,Kak (aya forget her name la), and very cheerable Kak Jemah)

Etlingera terengganuensis (syn: Etlingera corneri) as `they' all conform n acknowledge during the XPDC of Mandi Angin, Terengganu. The flora is scattered around the Jeram Keling n around the area of Mandi Angin.(Refer:G. Mandi Angin Expidition, Forest Biodiversity Series no. 7-the book is available n on sale in the Forest Headquarters of Peninsular Malaysia, Jalan Sultan Salahudin, Kuala Lumpur)..if u want to see my collection can contact me this email

This photo snap by cikgu nasir during Mandi Angin XPDC...